Sunday, 18 June 2017

Revive Your Dull Skin To Radiance ft. Fuschia Serums

You can wear as many layers of makeup that can turn your tired skin into gorgeously fresh looking, but the fact is it's still not healthy from inside. Serums are the new striking beauty/skincare products in market these days that are the supplements for your skin needs and should be used as a part of balanced skin care regimen. I've used a few under different brands and today's post features the ones available at Fuschia. 

To make it more appropriate, let's start by knowing that serums are comparatively fast-absorbing than a cream, lotion or oil and penetrate deeper into your skin to provide vital nutrients to skin. Usually, there are different formulas used for age-defying, glow-enhancement, hydrate skin or cure puffiness under eyes.

I've tried three serums from Fuschia range i.e. Anti-Blemish Serum, Ageless Serum, Under Eye Serum. 
The packaging is really cool. It's a transparent pump dispenser, quite convenient to ooze out the product and cute to look at. The pump works seamless and has got a covering cap over its top. The pump nozzle remains covered to avoid coming in contact with dust etc and also prevents leakage. You will get to read the ingredients list and every important information on the label.
Each of the serums are priced at Rs 1250 which is high on price point, but currently being sold at Rs 850.
Under Eye Serum is a clear gel with dull scent to it. It's ingredient list is quite impressive containing cucumber extract, green tea extract and green coffee beans extract along with aloe vera, olive oil, glycerin and Vitamin E. I use this serum twice a day - once in the morning as well as before going the bed in the night. The antioxidant rich product is ideal to work on puffiness that you might experience as you get up in the morning. The delicate eye area feels hydrated and firm instantly, but won't dramatically reduce dark circles unless prolonged usage.

Anti-Blemish serum is quick-action formula to refresh your skin and give a temporary suppleness. A light-textured, pale peachy product is enriched with Mulberry extract, Saffron extract,along with aloe vera, olive oil, glycerin and Vitamin E. It has nice sweet aroma which reminds me of some tasty dessert ;) Lightly patting the serum on skin is enough for its absorption to achieve intensely nourished skin. After a use of almost two week, I could see little difference in skin appearance, which is a sign of positive result in coming weeks. The skin elasticity has certainly improved and I'm sure it's doing more good deep inside.

Ageless serum is similar to Anti-Blemish serum in texture and consistency, only the shade is ivory. It smells of rose water and feels cool. Other ingredients include Thermus Thermophilus extract that prevents wrinkles & dark spots. Aloe Vera moisturizes dehydrated and itchy skin for immediate relief. Any of these serums is just fine while preparing your skin for makeup in the morning.

All of these serums are water based and so, should be applied under any other product. It'll allow the serums to be rapidly absorbed by the skin. Those with extra dry skin may feel that water based serums are not sufficiently moisturizing for them, but these are generously hydrating. I have added these to my morning+night routine after which I may/may not layer up with desired moisturizer.

There are few other serums at Fuschia that you may be looking for addressing your specific concern. Simply know the ingredients that may work for you and adapt the product for a smooth, youthful, tightened, brightened and plump skin.


  1. was looking forward to this post
    very nice
    loved all 3
    wish there were before/after pictures

  2. I have used their Pomegranate scrub & soaps and like them
    Wish to try these

  3. Fuschia products are awesome. But these serums are expensive. I have only tried the Anti-Blemish serum and its didn't even last me a month...

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  4. Fuschia brand mujhy attract karta hai, kuch products use kiye hain ,result accha hi mila hai πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Expensive hai per result milta hai to paisa vasool hai 😊
    Serum jab tak regular use na karo to result nahi milta, main recently Biotique ka serum use kar rahi hu πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  5. Fuschia has always been so natural and amazing...this post encourages me to use more of it..
    I like how you use own pics to show us in your blog
    Keep going :)