Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Tips & Tricks To Find The Wedding Dress of Your Dreams

Hello everyone,

How are you enjoying this wedding season... I'm so occupied these days attending back-to-back functions in my family. But I look forward to be a part of such occasion when I get a chance to wear my favourite ethnic wear i.e. saree. Before I continue today's post, I would like to share few pics of mine from the recent wedding I attended this weekend.

The best thing I like about these parties is to see glamorously beautiful women turning your attention to their ultra-chic outfits. And then, I truly adore the most pretty lady i.e the bride who enters to a picture-perfect backdrop as the show-stopper with a lovely smile of her face. But have you ever thought how much time this pretty lady might have devoted to look best-dressed on her special day.. 

Today I'm here to talk about bride-to-be girls who need some inspiration to decide how to choose their wedding attire.

Embarking on the search for the perfect wedding dress can be a thrilling as well as daunting task for any woman. The pressure to find and style the most appropriate wedding dress is always on mind, because it might be the most expensive and prettiest garment most women will ever own & it's not as simple as buying a casual or work wear. 

If your search for the wedding outfit has starting to stress you out, here is a quick guide to bridal shopping to avoid any wedding boutique faux pas -

  • Start shopping for your dress after finalizing the place and time of your wedding. It will help you focus your search since many factors including the location, weather, time etc influence the style of your dress. You cannot pick the same ensemble for a beach wedding / ballroom reception / outdoor ceremony/ restaurant dinner. 
  • Avoid making any compromises in the type of fabric which is as important as choosing the ideal style of your outfit. Usually, a heavier and more structured material will better hold its shape to flatter your figure. 
  • Be realistic with your body shape. Visualize yourself in a wedding ensemble thinking about what suits your body type, and not what looked fab on someone else. Consider the style, shape, neckline, length, waistline, trains, sleeves of your dress and all other minute details before your wedding dress goes for customization.
  • Avoid being swayed by steep bargains offered by boutiques on dresses under designer labels. It may be a dream come true to own your favourite designer outfit, but may not complement your personality. Remember, you are to choose the dress, not the label ;) Some dresses look great on the hanger, but may not be your type. In short, never let yourself purchase a dress you're not in love with. Also stick to the price range that's realistic for your budget. Before giving the final order for your dress, don't hesitate to do an exhaustive research on online websites that deal in bridal wear to know the type of dresses in-vogue.
  • Thinking you're done with your dream outfit for your big day as the ensemble is selected? Well! don't forget to invest in best-fitted innerwear. Have a clear picture of your outfit in your mind whether it is embellished / lacy / translucent / backless / off-shoulder etc. before purchasing your shapewear. It's highly recommended to carry (or wear) right kind of undergarments even while trying the wedding dresses. After all, there is no woman on this planet who hasn’t experienced the transformative powers of the right innerwear at some point of time in their lives. 
  • Stick to a dress size that is your current fit (even if you are planning to shed some weight). Most dresses can be altered down one or two sizes depending on the seam allowance. And it's better to order a bigger size and take it in, rather than be stuck with one that's too small to close. Usually, the bridal boutiques take the responsibility to customize your dress to the comfortable fit as per your instructions. The key is to make sure whether you can walk, sit, kneel conveniently in your dress.  
  • However traditional or trendy bride you are, Accessorizing is the key to dramatically influence the look and feel of your wedding dress. Most bridal boutiques these days are offering an exquisite range of jewellery, footwear, bags, makeup and other accessories under one roof that simply turns a bride into a eye-pleasing diva.
  • And, when you've finally found your dream wedding dress n gorgeous accessories, stop looking for more! It'll put an end to the risk of further temptation to try more dresses and will keep you away from doubts setting in, because “The most common mistake that a bride makes is not purchasing her dress when she finds it,” So, be self-confident and just look forward to showing it to everyone on the big day.
Hope these tips will be helpful! Waiting for your lovely comments :)


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