Saturday, 21 November 2015

Travel Essentials for Women Sanitation

Sanitation crisis is something that is one of the major issue in our country. Everyone is affected by poor sanitation at some point of time, but women are the more often a target of different infections etc due to their specific needs. This problem gets multiplied when you are travelling, attending office or are at such place that lacks access to water or clean toilets. :(

To meet these practical needs of women sanitation, team FIRST STEP PROJECTS has launched a nice combo of sanitation essentials specially for women. This personal hygiene combo consists a pack of PeeBuddy along with a pack of INWI Intimate Wipes and I Luv Clean Disposable Bags to be carried with you while travelling to maintain your personal hygiene.
PeeBuddy is a revolutionary product for females who hate dirty, unfriendly toilets when travelling in fights or trains. It is actually a DISPOSABLE URINARY FUNNEL for women that lets you pee while in standing position. (Sounds strange, but true).. It is made of waterproof, coated paper which ensures no spills and makes it very convenient to use. Not only the women can use it on the go, but the women who have some medical problems like joint pains or pregnancy issues may rely on PeeBuddy to urinate without pressurizing themselves to sit. The PeeBuddy is a sleek cardboard pack containing 5 disposable funnels. It comes with simple OPEN-PLACE-PEE instructions printed clearly on the packaging. So its an excellent quality product to avoid all UTIs/Infections/Yucky experiences at dirty toilets. Each pack is priced at Rs 120. (Buy here)

Another product in the combo is a pack of INWI Intimate Wipes (which I got in my JulietBox as well). Using intimate wipes is an ideal approach to leave your intimate area clean, refreshed and moisturized when you have no time to give your delicate area a quick wash. The INWI Wipes are hypoallergenic and contain fruit extracts. You may also use it to clean your Under Arms, Breast & Bikini Area. The wipes are fragrant and soothing on the skin with nice cooling effect. I like the re-sealable packaging that can be peeled to pull out a wipe and resealed to avoid loss of moisture. Each pack of INWI wipes is priced at Rs. 75 for 10 wipes in it. (Buy Here)
Now, comes one more interesting product in the combo which is I LOVE CLEAN disposable bags. If you have used either PeeBuddy or Wipe during your journey, where are you going to dispose it off? Ofcouse we don't like untidy surroundings... The brand has provided a pack of biodegradable bags which can be used to put Sanitary Pads, Tampons, Panty Liners, Baby Diapers, Condoms, PeeBuddy or any general products which need discreet disposal. The bags come with a adhesive seal to hold the product with in. Now you may trash it directly in the bin without any more looking for black polythene bags or newspapers. Just make sure not to flush it. The I Love Clean bags are very systematically rolled and placed in the cardboard box. Each pack of 10 bags can be bought at just Rs 54. (Buy Here)

All the three products in the combo are also available individually like I shared the links with each of them and if you wish to order larger number, go for a combo here and kick away all your sanitation nightmares.

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  1. What an incredible post? I love travelling. Some of the items you have mentioned made me realise I have to purchase some. I do not love long train journeys due to messy toilets of even Ac compartments. These will come to rescue. :)

    1. U r right Ankita. Travelling via train for longer seriously gives me nightmares. But now there is a hope :)

  2. The disposable urinary funnel is definitely useful.

    1. No doubt, specially for elderly women who need help to sit and stand can utilize this product effectively.