Saturday, 22 July 2017

Ethicare Remedies Halixir Nourishing Hair Oil Review

Oiling my hair has been a regular practice since childhood. Everyone knows that a careful hair care routine includes a good oil for head massage that works as a tonic for healthy scalp and shaft. In past few usages, I've been appying Halixir Nourishing Hair Oil by Ethicare Remedies that is a concoction of 7 effective oils i.e. Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil, Castor Oil, Amla Oil, Brahmi Oil, Bhringraj Oil and Almond Oil other than few more oils. 
The Halixir oil comes is a pump-enabled bottle for easy dispensing of oil. I liked the packaging because it prevents wastage of products since oils generally tend to flow out of usual bottles in excess quantity than required whenever you try to pour it out. All the details like ingredients, usage direction, price etc is printed on the bottle.

Earlier I used to leave a hair oil on my hair overnight, but I discovered that it doesn't add to the benefits by leaving it longer 1-2 hours. So I've made a point to alter my routine accordingly. This oil is light in texture and doesn't leave hair greasy. Just ensure to use only the amount that gets absorbed by strands properly, else the excessive oil may obstruct the pores.
Coconut oil and Sesame oil have fatty acids for the healthy of hair while amla oil gives antioxidant protection. A non-vigorous and light head massage done regularly will  not only improve the tone and texture of your hair, but will stimulate hair growth and inhibit hair fall. The blend of many other natural oils bring nice shine to hair.
Since the oil is not sticky, women who have rough and frizzy hair may leave the oil onto their hair as a leave-in serum to enable easy detangling and reduced flyaways. The oil smells good and the smell lasts for few hours. My personal choice is to oil my hair in a milder fragrant oil than this one. In my opinion, no hair care product can reduce existing split ends, but yes! if your hair have been cared enough to prevent splitting when you start using Halixir, then this oil will certainly protect that condition.

Availability: Rs. 299 
Pack Size: 100 ml
Shelf Life: 3 years

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Oriflame Memories Women Fragrances Review

Amongst the new product launches by one of my favourite cosmetic brand Oriflame, I saw some new women fragrances listed on their catalogue under the label 'Memories'.  

The Memories range of fragrances has got three variants to offer that are beautifully called as Chasing Butterflies, Day Dreaming in A Hammock and Flirting Under the Fireworks.

I bet you must be loving the catchy names. Isn't it so melodious to hear?? Uttering such lovely names of these fragrances instantly makes you start visualizing the scenario in your fancies. I'm lovin' it. ;)

I received two variants i.e. Day Dreaming in A Hammock and Flirting Under the Fireworks due to unavailability of Chasing Butterflies. 
The colour-coded packaging of fragrances is quickly identifiable. The outer cardboard box of each of the fragrances have graphic image synonymous to the fragrance name. 
The fragrances look glorious in delightful glass bottles. The variant name has been labeled at the bottom of bottles. Wish it were printed on the rear of the bottles. The packaging size of 30 ml each makes the bottles easy to carry around. 
Day Dreaming in A Hammock 
The blissful relaxation of a sunny tropical beach is captured perfectly in this dreamy floral-watery fragrance. Sensual frangipani on the breeze, kissed by the delicate ocean scent of cascalone and the indulgent warm embrace of fresh coconut milk.

In my first few uses, I presumed this perfume is not my type. I felt the whiffs of coconut milk bit unfavoured. But the way it settles on my smelling senses after an hour or so, I started adoring it gradually. Frangipani, being a preferred note in my fragrances, made this fragrance truly elegant and enchanting. I'm sure this will be my office-wear staple for many days or may be until I get another equally delicious perfume. 
Flirting Under the Fireworks
Discover the alluring excitement of a romantic encounter in this oriental-vanillic-fruity fragrance. Tempting tender apricot with a captivating heart of white rose and passionate, addictive trail of sweet praline will sweep you off your feet and leave you wanting more.

This fragrance boasts of Top note in Apricot; middle note in White Rose and base note in Praline. I find this composition quite feminine and velvety. With more of a sweeter tone, it opens to a floral note which I specially enjoy in this sultry weather. I prefer wearing my fragrances on clothes, so it lasts longer than when someone wears on skin directly. It'll win your votes if you like smelling soft all the day long that uplifts your mood. A fragrance as good as this rosy one can certainly complete your nightouts dressing, just don't forget to shine and sparkle. :)
Can't resist to buy, order here at INR 1099 each.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Jolen Crème Hair Remover Review - (Sandal for Dry Skin)


Today's post is a product review for Jolen Crème Hair Remover.
Product claims:
Jolen Hair Remover is just 3 Minutes formula. It removes unwanted body hair from the follicle bulb, leaving the skin baby soft, silky & beautiful while forming a protective natural barrier. The goodness of Olive oil & Shea butter have been specially added to it for their beneficial properties on the skin.
Jolen Crème Hair Remover comes in normal tube packaging placed inside a cardboard box. It's is a light-weight packaging and can be taken along even in the handbag. A good quality plastic spatula also comes along in the pack to help you spread and remove the creme during the process.
There are 3 variants available in this product i.e. lemon, rose and sandal. I chose the Sandal variant, not for the fragrance but for its suitability for dry skin type. It's a pale peachy coloured cream. The consistency is like a usual cream that's not so thick. It spreads on skin like a dream.
The product boasts of sandal fragrance, but I somehow didn't find its smell very close to sandal. It's not intolerably bothersome, but I didn't enjoy it while the cream rests on my skin.
The hair under the cream start shrinking in 3-4 minutes, but that depends on how coarse and thick hair one has. Moving the spatula in reverse direction of hair growth lets you easily remove the product.
The cream removed the hair completely from the area I covered with the product i.e. my legs. After the skin is cleaned off the product using spatula, I gave my skin a good rinse with plain water to remove any residue of product else my skin itches. The skin feels smooth as expected, but I could still smell the faint fragrance. It's recommended to use a good bodywash, if you wish to get rid of the fragrance immediately.

The Jolen Crème Hair Remover is priced at Rs 70 for 50 gms pack, but I got the pack with 20% extra offer. (available here). I ended up finishing almost half the quantity in one use for my legs, so it's so economical than a salon visit for similar service. 
Remember to tightly close the tube after using once else the product efficacy might be affected and it may not work as good next time.

For a closer look at the product composition, refer the image below -
Now talking about how long the product effectively lasts... my body hair is quite thin a, short and light; so for me I won't need reusing the hair remover on the same area earlier than 10-12 days.

Have you used any of Jolen Hair Remover Cremes? Which fragrances you liked the most?

Monday, 3 July 2017

Rakshabandhan Selfie Contest - Win A Saree

Happy to announce that we, at Alive n Kicking, are giving you a chance to celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan as a paragon of love between brothers and sisters in collaboration with our beloved sponsor Triveni Ethnics.

This contest starts today on 3rd July and will end on 22 July. The lucky winner of this contest will take away a beautiful saree from Triveni and all the participants will receive discount coupons from Triveni valid for 20 days. So check out the rules mentioned below and be a part of this exciting contest :)
Compulsory Rules: 
  1. Follow Alive n Kicking on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube
  2. Follow Triveni on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  3. Post a selfie with your sibling(s) in comment section of contest post on Facebook and tag them. 
  4. With your selfie, leave the link and name of one product you really like on Triveni's website (who knows Triveni can help you get that! 
  5. BOTH siblings should like and share the contest post using hashtag #TriveniRakhiSelfie. 
The image above is only for reference purposes and it's a sponsored contest, so Alive n Kicking won't be held responsible for any delay or damage of prize hamper in transit.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Ethicare Remedies Chocolite Face & Body Scrub Review

We all love chocolates. Don't we? Today, everyone is aware of tremendous benefits of chocolate intake. What if our skin can also enjoy potential effects of applying chocolate based products!! I got to try Chocolite Face & Body Scrub from Ethicare Remedies. 
Product Info:
Its skin-friendly ingredients help to keep skin healthy, glowing and just flawless. It hosts a range of potent antioxidants which protects skin from drying out, sunburn and skin cancer. It promotes new cell growth & skin conditioning effect with its antioxidants and minerals. It prevents blemishes & removes tanning. It exfoliates and leaves the skin polished and refined.
Cocoa powder, Magnesium Aspartate, Zinc Gluconate, Copper Gluconate, Triclosan, Vitamin-E Acetate, Walnut Shell Particle.
Ethicare Remedies Chocolite Face & Body Scrub comes in a chocolaty brown colored tube that has got tempting choco-delights printed over it ;) Somehow if you manage to control your temptation, you may fail to resist as soon as you unseal the tube. The scrub has totally delectable fragrance that is invariably suggestive and you can guess it even with your eyes remained closed. This lovely smell lasts not very long, which is ok for me. The tube packaging is definitely more hygienic as compared to tub/jar because I need not to dip my fingers into product every time I want to use it. It's travel friendly as well.
The scrub is not a coarse one like many others I have tried in the past. It's somewhere in the middle of a creamy and grainy version. This is why looking at the scrub for the first time made me think that it won't be effectively exfoliating, but upon application my doubts were vanished as it gently sloughed off the dead skin when I massaged it. Due to its moderately thick consistency, I find it east to apply. There is no stingy or burning sensation when scrub is on the skin. It instantly gives my skin a healthy glow, but that shouldn't be confused with skin fairness or change of skin tone. It reduces tanning effectively without making the skin feel dried out. 
I'm using this scrub twice a week on my face, though it's suited for any body part. A little goes a long way, so this tube of 100 ml may last more than a month quite easily. It' priced bit higher at Rs 449 probably because it's a product from the brand's premium range. Giving a closer look at impressive ingredients list, you would like to know that Triclosanan is an antibacterial and antifungal agent while Copper gluconate is an anti-aging ingredient. Magnesium Aspartate helps to deliver minerals to skin cells and Zinc Gluconate speeds up healing of skin issues.

To give your skin even toned flawlessness, Chocolite Face & Body Scrub can do good towards getting smooth, soft and well-exfoliated skin every day. 

Friday, 30 June 2017

GloBox Subscription Box Quick Review

Today I've received my first GloBox and here is a quick review on it.

GloBox is a monthly subscription box that sends monthly dose of daily essentials hand picked by experts. What I liked the most about this box is that the subscriber can customize his/her box. How? While signing up, you may fill your beauty profile on the website and the experts will ask you some questions to hunt down the right products for your needs. 

I clearly specified my skin type, hair type, skin concerns and preferences on kind of products I would like in my box. The box got delivered to me in next 3 days.
I received 5 full-sized products in my GloBox..

Mcaffeine Bouncy Techno Caffeine Shampoo:
Meant for Root Energizer and enriched with Vitamin E and Cococnut.
Price: INR 429 
Soulflower Bite Me Chocolate Bath Soap
A great moisturizing soap bar that I've used previously.
Price: INR 200 
Ethicare Remedies Hydromax Cream 
Using it since past few years and it is suitable for dry skin type.
Price: INR 250
Tea Treasure Caffeine Free Tea
It's called Sleep Solves Everything. It has aromatic herbs to relieve and relax you. It's a new product for me. 
Price: INR 150 
Nicka K New York Lipstick  
I heard this brand name for the first time. But when I checked, I realized its available on many online portals. I received the shade Berry Plum.
Price: INR 350
So these are all the products what came in my Globox June edition along with some discount cards. The items in this box totals to INR 1379, but the box is priced at INR 999, means a direct saving of Rs 380 :)
Getting a thoughtfully curated box every month with free delivery at your doorstep is a perfect choice for yourself or to gift someone special.

Monday, 26 June 2017

UVMED Sunscreen Towelettes Review

Your day isn’t always a day under the cool air, so ditch standard sunblocks and reach for sunscreen wipes for heavy duty protection from sun rays. Ethicare Remedies has unveiled their new product UVMED Sunscreen Towelettes which is a transformation of UVMED Sunscreen Gel that I reviewed more than two years back.
Product Claims:
UVMED protects the skin from UVA I, UVA II and UVB. UVMED has oil-free formula so it is ideal for oily, acne prone skin. Regular use of UVMED helps in preventing any type of skin damage done by UV rays. It also prevents darkening of skin, sunburn, premature ageing. UVMED is useful for both indoor and outdoor and it can be used in any season. It does not contain any colourant or perfume that may cause allergic effects. Use UVMED liberally, evenly and regularly (irrespective of season) for best results.

Ingredients: Homosalate, Octyl salicylate, Octrocrylene, Avobenzone, Benzopheonne-3, Tinosorb-M, Perfume
  • UVMED Sunscreen Towelettes come in a box containing 10 towelettes which are packed in individually sealed sachets so the formula won't dry out or evaporate. Each of the sachets has got complete information printed over it.
  • The slim sachets barely take up any room in my bag, so that's my everyday companion to work now. It makes convenient storage in my vehicle's glove box or gear bag with no worries of tubes/bottles coming open.
  • The towelettes are large enough in size to cover my face, neck, arms (you would need more than one if coverage needed for thigh, legs or any other uncovered body parts). The towelette is much easier to apply the product evenly without making a mess of it.

  • These towelettes deliver a quick sun protection wherever I need it without requiring extra time for rubbing in the usual cream or gel formulas. 
  • The scent that you sniff from the sachets is quite refreshing, far away from typical stench that some sunblocks leave behind. The scent dulls after some time and but can be felt if you closely smell you skin.
  • UVMED towelettes are oil-free formula, so are best suited for oily and acne-prone skin type, but it doesn't feel unfit for other skin types as well. Mine being dry skin type got comfortably adjusted to the wipes formula without any allergies or dryness. 
  • These towelettes provide unwavering UV protection under intense exposure to sweat as expressed by my hubby. Since I don't sweat much, I asked my husband to give the product a testing opinion and he quite favoured the product efficiency to work for high-sweat conditions. 
  • UVMED towelette offers broad-spectrum SPF 50 coverage which is a must for hotter region like ours. These wipes are 100% natural and bio-degradable. You can discard each of the wipes after single use. 
The only thing I wish to get improved in the product is it's hydration capability so it gives my skin complete care that it needs.
UVMED Sunscreen Towelette is smarter way to protect your skin from getting sunburned, so next time you wanna buy a sun screen, don't forget to buy the product online at Rs 160 and enjoy outdoors under the broad sunscreen protection of revolutionary product. 

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

2000 FB Likes Contest (closed)

An achievement like this cannot happen overnight (actually can happen in few cases, which I didn't opt for, just kidding). Anyways, the wheels started rolling years ago and I've eyed on every single 'like/follow' so lovingly. I've been fortunate enough to be backed by a few spontaneous blogger friends and supportive readers to make it happen. I cannot thank everyone enough for their involvement and their willingness to stick with Alive n Kicking beyond their comfort zones! 

I believe - 'when we achieve, we always do so because others have helped.' And that makes me feel appreciative to you all and so here is the gifts for lucky ones in return :)

We've come up with a lovely contest. Once again, the contest is sponsored by none other than my beloved Aroma Essentials. Let me show you what you can win --

These colourful, handcrafted soaps are infused with 100% natural ingredients & are skin-friendly and child-safe. Aren't they as cute as our little kids? :) 

We're giving away 3 hampers containing 2 soaps each to three best entries.. (the colour and shape of soap may vary depending on availability during dispatch)

  1. Follow Alive n Kicking and Aroma Essentials on Facebook. 
  2. Post a cute picture of yourself with a child on this post to whom you would like to gift these soaps. (you may be the mom, dad, uncle, aunt or grandparent of the child). 
  3. Share the giveaway post publicly on your facebook timeline using hashtag #dohazaar. Tag both pages and atleast 5 of your friends whenever you share.
Bonus Points to those who:
The contest starts today on 20th June and ends on 10 July. Valid for Indian residents. 
p.s. Its a sponsored contest, so I won't be held responsible for delay or damage of prize hamper in transit.

Winners Update: Congratulations to Krishna Maharana, Sonali Sonawane, Sudhanshu Gupta (not responded in given time frame) Suruchi Aggarwal to win the cute soap hampers for their kids. Please DM me your complete postal details including Pin Code and Contact No. in next 24 hours, else another winner will be selected.